Centre For Infectious Disease - News Archive http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive.html en-uk 2022-12-09T19:22:07+01:00 Team Research Medal Awarded http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,70,team-research-medal-awarded.html The Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health team attended the Defining Excellence Awards, held at the Auckland War Memorial earlier this month, to collect their Team Research Medal. Congratulations to all the team.   All rights reserved by Massey University: Chanelle Dickinson Photography http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,70,team-research-medal-awarded.html IDReC researcher interviewed about the Ebola virus outbreak http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,69,idrec-researcher-interviewed-about-the-ebola-virus-outbreak.html IDReC researcher Dr David Hayman was interviewed by Radio France Internationale this week, regarding the Ebola virus outbreak in Guinea. Click here to listen to the Podcast.   David has recently joined the team in his role as Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Public Health. Prior to joining Massey University, David was a Society of Conservation Biology David H Smith Fellow for the project entitled “Understanding White Nose Syndrome dynamics to mitigate the precipitous decline of North American bats”. David’s research interests include using multidisciplinary approaches (molecular, serological, quantitative and phylogenetic techniques) to address how infectious diseases are maintained within their hosts and how the process of emergence occurs.  http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,69,idrec-researcher-interviewed-about-the-ebola-virus-outbreak.html Uawanui Sustainability Project launched http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,68,uawanui-sustainability-project-launched-.html IDReC Director Professor Nigel French visited Hauiti Marae last week for the launch of the Uawanui Sustainability Project, involving the Allan Wilson Centre, Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti and the Uawa Tolaga Bay community.  The project provides a long-term commitment to ensure the restoration of the Tolaga Bay/Uawa environment.  Read more about the project Listen to Radio New Zealand National podcast about the project   http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,68,uawanui-sustainability-project-launched-.html IDReC Director to give prestigious D.L.T Smith Lecture http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,66,idrec-director-to-give-prestigious-dlt-smith-lecture.html IDReC Director Professor Nigel French will give the 2014 D.L.T Smith Lecture this month, held at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Saskatoon. The D.L.T. Smith Lecture is described as “one of the most prestigious events of the academic year that is delivered annually in honour of the founding dean of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine”. The D.L.T. Smith Lecture is given to a diverse audience including students, faculty, clinical associates, support staff and private practitioners. Professor French will speak on the topic of “Controlling zoonoses: how advances in microbial genetics and evolutionary biology are transforming epidemiology and public health”. More information can be found here. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,66,idrec-director-to-give-prestigious-dlt-smith-lecture.html Risk factors for leptospirosis in abattoir workers in New Zealand http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,65,risk-factors-for-leptospirosis-in-abattoir-workers-in-new-zealand.html A new publication by IDReC researchers and co-authors is now available online at International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. The study showed that wearing personal protective equipment did not protect against infection. The authors concluded “There is substantial risk of exposure to leptospires in sheep and deer abattoirs in New Zealand and a persisting, but lower risk, in beef abattoirs. Interventions, such as animal vaccination, appear necessary to control leptospirosis as an occupational disease in New Zealand”. To read the article click here http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,65,risk-factors-for-leptospirosis-in-abattoir-workers-in-new-zealand.html Leptospirosis editorial: New Zealand Medical Journal http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,64,leptospirosis-editorial-new-zealand-medical-journal.html IDReC researcher Dr Jackie Benschop and co-author Dr Chris Mansell (Clinical Microbiologist, Waikato Hospital) highlight the need for a “collaborative one-health approach” towards the control of human leptospirosis, in an editorial published in the New Zealand Medical Journal this month. The editorial discusses the importance of leptospirosis as a multi-species zoonotic disease in New Zealand – to read more click here http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,64,leptospirosis-editorial-new-zealand-medical-journal.html IDReC PI invited speaker at international conference http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,63,idrec-pi-invited-speaker-at-international-conference.html Professor Tim Carpenter recently gave an invited presentation at the 28th Conference of the OIE Regional Commission for Asia, the Far East and Oceania, held in Cebu, Philippines. Professor Carpenter’s talk was on “The use of cost-benefit analysis in animal disease control, including practical examples from the region”.  Professor Carpenter also spoke about “The role of an OIE collaborating centre in veterinary epidemiology in the Asian-Pacific Region” at the Annual Conference of the Korean Society of Veterinary Science, held in Seoul. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,63,idrec-pi-invited-speaker-at-international-conference.html Leptospirosis feature: December 2013 issue of VetScript http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,62,leptospirosis-feature-december-2013-issue-of-vetscript.html This month’s issue of VetScript features 13 articles on Leptospirosis, with 6 articles written by researchers from the mEpiLab/EpiCentre Leptospirosis Research Group. The feature issue includes the following articles from the group: Global disease, local phenomenon – Jackie Benschop Long-term vaccination in dairy herds – Peter Wilson Leptospirosis and animal production – Emilie Vallee Under diagnosis in working and pet dogs – Alison Harland Human Leptospirosis in New Zealand – Juan Sanhueza The vagaries of diagnostic testing – Julie Collins-Emerson See the latest issue of VetScript for more on these articles http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,62,leptospirosis-feature-december-2013-issue-of-vetscript.html IDReC PI gives keynote presentation at OIE hosted conference http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,61,idrec-pi-gives-keynote-presentation-at-oie-hosted-conference.html Professor Tim Carpenter recently attended the OIE international conference on “Risk Analysis as a tool for the control of Animal Diseases and Zoonoses in the Mediterranean Basin”, held in Teramo, Italy. Professor Carpenter gave a keynote presentation entitled “A risk analysis of the justification for subsization of infectious disease control”. The conference aimed to update the knowledge on animal health risk assessment methodologies at Mediterranean level. Professor Carpenter was representing the OIE Collaborating Centre for Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health, New Zealand (EpiCentre and mEpiLab). Collaborating centres provide scientific expertise and excellence in specific designated fields of competence and are consulted by the OIE to provide specialised input, advice or opinion. For more information on click here. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,61,idrec-pi-gives-keynote-presentation-at-oie-hosted-conference.html IDReC researchers showcase their work on Leptospirosis http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,59,idrec-researchers-showcase-their-work-on-leptospirosis.html Massey University’s Leptospirosis Research Group recently attended a Rural Women New Zealand and the Farmers Leptospirosis Action Group (FLAG) educational meeting  designed to disseminate pertinent information to the farming communities and industries at risk. The meeting, “Leptospirosis - a global disease but a local phenomenon”, included presentations from the research group about how the disease is affecting farmers, dogs and livestock on farms, the production effects in sheep and beef cattle, and diagnostic tests for acute human disease. The meeting had representatives from Rural Women New Zealand, Federated Farmers, New Zealand Young Farmers, Landcorp, New Zealand Veterinary Association, Meat Workers Union and Ministry for Primary Industries, amongst others. The presenters included Dr. Jackie Benschop, Dr. Julie Collins-Emerson, Juan Sanhueza: Emilie Vallee, Alison Harland, Prof. Peter Wilson and Prof. Cord Heuer. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,59,idrec-researchers-showcase-their-work-on-leptospirosis.html Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health team win Massey University Research Medal http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,57,veterinary-epidemiology-and-public-health-team-win-massey-university-research-medal.html The team at mEpiLab and EpiCentre have been awarded the Massey University Research Medal 2013 – Team (Veterinary Epidemiology and Public Health). The medal will be presented at the Massey University Defining Excellence Awards in March next year. The team were congratulated on their excellent quality of research in the University. An outstanding and deserving achievement – well done team! To read more about the Massey University Research Medals – click here http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,57,veterinary-epidemiology-and-public-health-team-win-massey-university-research-medal.html IDReC researchers attend International Leptospirosis Conference http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,56,idrec-researchers-attend-international-leptospirosis-conference.html Seven representatives from the mEpiLab/EpiCentre Leptospirosis Research Group attended the recent International Leptospirosis Conference (ILS) in Japan, making the Massey group one of the largest contingents at the meeting. The conference celebrated the centennial of the discovery of leptospira as the causative agent in the Weil’s disease and the plenary paper covered this history. The team presented six oral and one poster presentation, showcasing the breadth and the integrated approach of the research programme undertaken as well as the interdisciplinary nature of the work. Presentations included “The public health impact of leptospirosis in New Zealand”, “Utility of diagnostic tests for research and diagnosis of leptospirosis” and “Fit for purpose: testing for leptospirosis in humans and animals”. Cord Heuer was also successful in being elected onto the ILS committee for the next two year term, which is a wonderful opportunity to raise the group’s presence on the international leptospirosis scene. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,56,idrec-researchers-attend-international-leptospirosis-conference.html Postgraduate students win travel awards http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,55,postgraduate-students-win-travel-awards.html Two PhD students, Juan Sanhueza and Emilie Vallée, from mEpiLab/EpiCentre both successfully competed for student travel awards funded by the US National Institute of Health (NIH), at the 2013 International Leptospirosis Conference in Japan. The criterion for an award was the quality of their abstracts. The title of Juan’s presentation was “Occupational exposure and risk factors for Leptospira in New Zealand workers” and the title of Emilie's abstract was “Subclinical effects of Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Hardjo on New Zealand sheep production”. Congratulations Juan and Emilie! http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,55,postgraduate-students-win-travel-awards.html IDReC Director gives public lecture on water quality and health http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,54,idrec-director-gives-public-lecture-on-water-quality-and-health.html Last week Professor Nigel French gave a public lecture on “What effect will improving water quality have on the health of New Zealanders?” Professor French discussed when, where and how people come into contact with waterborne diseases such as Campylobacter and Giardia, and the important livestock and wildlife sources of these diseases. The free public lecture was held in Gisborne, as part of a series of community lectures by the Allan Wilson Centre and Ngai Tamanuhiri. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,54,idrec-director-gives-public-lecture-on-water-quality-and-health.html Environmental and animal contact implicated in Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli infections in humans http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,52,environmental-and-animal-contact-implicated-in-shiga-toxin-producing-escherichia-coli-infections-in-humans-.html A new publication by IDReC postgraduate researcher Patricia Jaros and co-authors is now available online at BMC Infectious Diseases. The authors concluded “Our findings implicate environmental and animal contact, but not food, as significant exposure pathways for sporadic STEC infections in humans in New Zealand”. To read the article click here http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,52,environmental-and-animal-contact-implicated-in-shiga-toxin-producing-escherichia-coli-infections-in-humans-.html CHRO 2015 to be held in New Zealand http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,51,chro-2015-to-be-held-in-new-zealand.html IDReC Director Professor Nigel French will be the chair of the scientific committee for the next Campylobacter, Helicobacter and Related Organisms conference (CHRO), after winning the bid to host CHRO in 2015. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,51,chro-2015-to-be-held-in-new-zealand.html Plenary talk given by IDReC Director at CHRO 2013 http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,50,plenary-talk-given-by-idrec-director-at-chro-2013.html Professor Nigel French gave a plenary talk at the recent Campylobacter, Helicobacter and Related Organisms conference (CHRO 2013), held in Aberdeen. The title of the talk was “10 years of effort to tackle human campylobacteriosis in New Zealand”. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,50,plenary-talk-given-by-idrec-director-at-chro-2013.html CNRS Distinguished Visitor for IDReC PI http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,49,cnrs-distinguished-visitor-for-idrec-pi.html Professor Paul Rainey travels to Paris at the end of this month as a CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) Distinguished Visitor, for a three month stay at the Ecole Normal Superieure. Professor Rainey will be working at Laboratoire de Physique Statistique with David Bensimon and Nicolas Desprat at the Laboratoire Ecologie et Evolution with Silvia De Monte. Professor Rainey will be working on a variety of projects from experimental work involving single cells and molecules, through to theoretical work on stochastic switching and transitions in Darwinian individuality. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,49,cnrs-distinguished-visitor-for-idrec-pi.html IDReC PG awarded poster prize http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,48,idrec-pg-awarded-poster-prize.html Anja Friedrich was awarded one of ten poster prizes at the recent Campylobacter, Helicobacter and Related Organisms (CHRO 2013) conference, held in Aberdeen. The title of Anja’s poster was “Use of microarrays to identify phenotypic variation in specific sequence types of Campylobacter jejuni”. Anja won a copy of “Campylobacter” (Edition 3) by Irving Nachamkin, Martin Blaser and Christine Szymanski. Well done Anja! http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,48,idrec-pg-awarded-poster-prize.html IDReC PI presents at Telluride Town Talks http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,47,idrec-pi-presents-at-telluride-town-talks.html “Evolution of Disease” was the name of the talk given by Professor Paul Rainey at this year’s Telluride Town Talks series, held in Telluride, Colorado. The Town Talks were organised by the Telluride Science Research Center, and they were held in the historic Sheridan Opera House. Professor Rainey gave an overview of the evolution of disease, to an audience of around 150 people. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,47,idrec-pi-presents-at-telluride-town-talks.html Disease Ecology and Pathogen Evolution workshop http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,46,disease-ecology-and-pathogen-evolution-workshop.html The Allan Wilson Centre for Molecular Ecology and Evolution and IDReC are sponsoring a workshop on disease ecology and pathogen evolution, to be held in Wellington on the 10th and 11th June 2013.  The workshop includes presentations on work carried out as part of AWC strategic initiatives, and research carried out by IDReC staff and students.  Talks will cover public health issues, such as shigatoxigenic E. coli infection in humans, wildlife health, and modelling bacterial and viral evolution and transmission. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,46,disease-ecology-and-pathogen-evolution-workshop.html IDReC PI to talk at Royal Society of New Zealand event http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,45,idrec-pi-to-talk-at-royal-society-of-new-zealand-event.html ‘Statistics in the 21st Century: Why Statisticians are the New Sexy Vampires, Only Pastier.' is the name of the talk that Professor Martin Hazelton is presenting at this week's Manawatu Branch of the Royal Society of New Zealand meeting.  In this talk, Professor Hazelton will give an overview of the way in which statistics has developed to meet the challenges posed by today's "big data", and will outline some current hot areas in statistical research and the changing face of statistics through examples from epidemiology, engineering, genetics and politics. The talk is at 7.30pm Tuesday, 19 March, Te Manawa - Art Gallery, 326 Main Street, Palmerston North. For more information see the RSNZ website. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,45,idrec-pi-to-talk-at-royal-society-of-new-zealand-event.html IDReC Director wins Massey University Research Medal http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,44,idrec-director-wins-massey-university-research-medal.html At an awards ceremony in Auckland on Wednesday 13th March, Professor Nigel French was awarded the 2012 Massey University Research Medal for his outstanding research achievements in the areas of food safety, molecular epidemiology and veterinary public health. Professor French also won the College of Science research award. Congratulations Nigel, from all the IDReC team. For more information see the Massey University website. Photograph shows Nigel French giving his acceptance speech after being presented with his medal by the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Enterprise, Professor Brigid Heywood. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,44,idrec-director-wins-massey-university-research-medal.html IDReC PG awarded a One Health prize http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,43,idrec-pg-awarded-a-one-health-prize.html Kruno Bojanic was awarded the "WSAVA Global One Health Congress Recognition Prize" at last week's World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress in Auckland. Kruno's paper entitled "Campylobacter spp. in healthy household dogs and cats in Manawatu, New Zealand" was deemed to be the paper that most epitomised the One Health approach to research. His prize was a copy of "Human-Animal Medicine: Clinical approaches to zoonoses, toxicants and other shared health risks" by Peter M. Rabinowitz and Lisa A. Conti. Congratulations Kruno! http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,43,idrec-pg-awarded-a-one-health-prize.html IDReC PG nominated for the Dean's List of Exceptional Doctoral Theses http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,42,idrec-pg-nominated-for-the-deans-list-of-exceptional-doctoral-theses-.html Congratulations to Hamid Irshad who passed his PhD oral examination with flying colours last month. Hamid's examiners were so impressed with his work that they nominated his thesis for the Dean's List of Exceptional Doctoral Theses. A fantastic achievement by an mEpiLabteam member who will be very much missed. Good luck for your return home to Pakistan and the next stage of your career Hamid, and keep in touch. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,42,idrec-pg-nominated-for-the-deans-list-of-exceptional-doctoral-theses-.html IDReC Director chairs WHO working group session on source attribution http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,40,idrec-director-chairs-who-working-group-session-on-source-attribution.html Nigel French was an invited member of a multidisciplinary World Health Organisation consultation on the global control of campylobacteriosis last year, and he chaired a session on source attribution. Over the 3 day meeting, the group developed a draft document that puts forward a blueprint for estimating the burden of ill-health attributed to campylobacteriosis and conducting surveillance and control in both developing and developed countries. They also took some timeout and explored the streets and canals of Utrecht by bicycle and canoe, hopefully respectively.... http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,40,idrec-director-chairs-who-working-group-session-on-source-attribution.html Book chapter published for IDReC researcher http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,39,book-chapter-published-for-idrec-researcher.html Dr Julie Collins-Emerson of mEpiLab contributed to the latest edition of Cork and Halliwell's "The veterinary laboratory and field manual". Julie co-wrote Section 4.: "Molecular microbiology as a diagnostic tool". http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,39,book-chapter-published-for-idrec-researcher.html IDReC symposium talks now available online http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,38,idrec-symposium-talks-now-available-online.html Did you hear something at the symposium that you'd like to revisit? Or maybe you could not attend and would have liked to. If so, you'll be pleased to know that PDF copies of the majority of papers presented are now available on our website. Just follow the link at the top of this news item. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,38,idrec-symposium-talks-now-available-online.html IDReC advisor featured on Kim Hill http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,36,idrec-advisor-featured-on-kim-hill.html IDReC Scientfic Advisor and Member of the National Academy of Sciences (US), Professor Bruce Levin, spoke to Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand during his recent visit to New Zealand to attend the First IDReC Science Sympoisum.  Bruce spoke about antibiotic resistance, the history and development of drug resistance and its impact on our society. His interview featured on Saturday 20th October and it can be downloaded from the Radio New Zealand website. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,36,idrec-advisor-featured-on-kim-hill.html IDReC research contributes to knowledge about the two most globally important zoonoses http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,34,idrec-research-contributes-to-knowledge-about-the-two-most-globally-important-zoonoses.html ILRI and collaborators recently submitted a report to the Department for International Development in the UK that highlighted that the zoonotic disease burden is greatest for the poorest people in the world. As part of this study zoonotic diseases were ranked in terms of their impact on humans and livestock; this process clearly showed gastrointestinal diseases are the most important class of zoonotic disease, with leptospirosis taking the second position on the list. IDReC has well established research programmes in zoonotic gastrointestinal disease and leptospirosis incorporating a wide range of approaches including large scale case-control studies, source attribution modelling, spatial and temporal disease dynamic modelling and studies of disease emergence and evolution. The leptospirosis team are involved with assessing the appropriateness of farm vaccination protocols, and evaluating the economic impact of subclinical infections in various stock classes with recent trials demonstrating lower carcass weights at slaughter and poorer reproduction rates in infected farmed deer herds. A much underdiagnosed disease both in humans and animals, another area of research encompasses evaluating the value of a variety of diagnostic tests at differing stages of the disease in both humans and animals. The full ILRI report is available here: Mapping of poverty and likely zoonoses hotspots: Report to the Department for International Development http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,34,idrec-research-contributes-to-knowledge-about-the-two-most-globally-important-zoonoses.html IDReC Director speaking at Transit of Venus Forum http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,32,idrec-director-speaking-at-transit-of-venus-forum.html The IDReC Director, Nigel French, recently spoke at the Transit of Venus Science Forum hosted by the Royal Society of New Zealand. Nigel spoke within the session entitled: "How can we restore and enhance our environment?". All the sessions are available for viewing on the RSNZ website. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,32,idrec-director-speaking-at-transit-of-venus-forum.html Raw milk and asthma study funded by HRC http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,31,raw-milk-and-asthma-study-funded-by-hrc.html An IDReC study into the potential allergy-protective effects of drinking raw milk has been awarded three years funding from the Health Research Council. The work is being led by Jeroen Douwes from the Centre for Public Health Research, Massey University, Wellington. Jeroen will be working in collaboration with Nigel French from mEpiLab, Massey University, Palmerston North, along with researchers from the Malaghan Insititute of Medical Research, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and St George's, University of London. Title: Unpasteurised milk: protective for allergies and asthma? Research Team: Jeroen Douwes, Graham Le Gros, Nigel French, Kristin Wickens, Elizabeth Forbes, Neil Pearce, David Strachan Abstract: Studies in farmers' children have indicated that unpasteurised milk may protect against allergies and asthma. The reasons are unclear and these findings have not been confirmed in non-farmers. The current study will assess these protective effects in the general population making use of a "natural experiment". It will involve 300 non-farming families who obtain raw milk through farmers with whom they have a "cow share agreement" which allows the provision of raw milk without contravening sales legislation. We will also recruit 150 families who do not consume unpasteurised milk. The study will assess whether raw milk is associated with a lower prevalence of allergies and asthma and improved lung function. It will also study the immunological mechanisms and the involvement of pathogenic bacteria. This study will contribute towards identifying the anti-allergic components within raw milk and has the potential to lead to novel and effective interventions for allergies and asthma. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,31,raw-milk-and-asthma-study-funded-by-hrc.html Influenza paper http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,30,influenza-paper.html The influence of climatic conditions on the spread of equine influenza is the subject of an insightful paper published by researchers at Sydney University and the Epicentre at Massey University. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,30,influenza-paper.html First IDReC Science Symposium http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,29,first-idrec-science-symposium.html IDReC held its First Science Symposium incorporating an official launch of the Centre in October 2012. For more information please visit the symposium page. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,29,first-idrec-science-symposium.html NCBID molecular diagnostics workshop http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,22,ncbid-molecular-diagnostics-workshop.html The topics for the workshop include: New developments & techniques One Health Management of molecular work in the diagnostic laboratory Molecular epidemiology High throughput sequencing and analysis Biosecurity Genetically modified organisms The full programme is available online:  http://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/files/biosec/camp-events/campaigns/2012-molecular-diagnostics-programme.pdf   http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,22,ncbid-molecular-diagnostics-workshop.html Leptospirosis team partner with farming group http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,19,leptospirosis-team-partner-with-farming-group-.html In the true spirit of multidisciplinary research, Massey University's Leptospirosis Research Group have joined forces with the New Zealand Farmers' Leptospirosis Action Group (FLAG) in order to assess the impact leptospirosis has on the country's agricultural industry. An important aspect of the team's work will include active engagement with the rural community through a series of field days and seminars. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,19,leptospirosis-team-partner-with-farming-group-.html International collaborators visiting Massey http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,13,international-collaborators-visiting-massey.html The molecular epidemiology group are looking forward to the visits from three experts in the fields of population genomics and phylogenetics during February. Professor Paul Fearnhead from the Dept of Mathematics and Statistics at Lancaster University has been working with the group to investigate the population genetics of Campylobacter; Professor Martin Maiden from the Dept of Zoology at the University of Oxford is a world renowned expert in the molecular epidemiology of Campylobacter and Neisseria; and Dr Barbara Holland from the School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Tasmania develops phylogenetic tools to estimate evolutionary trees when complex bacterial processes are occurring such as hybridisation. We are looking forward to welcoming all three visitors to Palmerston North soon. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,13,international-collaborators-visiting-massey.html Professor Tim Carpenter arrives in New Zealand http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,11,professor-tim-carpenter-arrives-in-new-zealand.html Tim is the new Chair of Veterinary Epidemiology at Massey having been co-director of the Center for Animal Disease Modeling And Surveillance at UC Davies School of Veterinary Medicine. We’re very pleased to welcome him to New Zealand and to the board of IDReC Principal Investigators. For more information about Tim’s areas of expertise click on his picture to be taken to the Principal Investigators page. http://www.idrec.ac.nz/news-archive,listing,,,11,professor-tim-carpenter-arrives-in-new-zealand.html