Leptospirosis video series launched

by IDReC

IDReC researchers in the Massey University Leptospirosis Team have released a series of short videos providing information to farmers on how to protect themselves, their families, workers and livestock from the disease.

Dr Julie Collins-Emerson launched the series as part of a presentation at the Rural Women New Zealand Annual Conference this week.

Professor Peter Wilson, Professor Cord Heuer, Dr Jackie Benschop and Dr Julie Collins-Emerson were part of the production team and also feature in the 7-part video series, providing information about vaccination, how leptospirosis affects livestock and how it can affect people.

The series includes the following episodes and can be viewed here

Introduction to Leptospirosis 

Leptospirosis in people

Leptospirosis in livestock and pets

Leptospirosis in environment

Diagnosing Leptospirosis

Control and prevention of Leptospirosis

Future perspectives on Leptospirosis

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