Rukhshana Akhter Laboratory Technician mEpiLab
Jackie Benschop Co-Director
Patrick Biggs Associate Professor mEpiLab
Sara Burgess Postdoctoral Fellow mEpiLab
Naomi Cogger Senior Lecturer EpiCentre
Julie Collins-Emerson Laboratory Manager / Senior Research Officer  mEpiLab
Tim Cooper Research Officer Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
Christine Cunningham Administrator  mEpiLab
Ahmed Fayaz
Laboratory Technician
Carolyn Gates
Lecturer in Veterinary Epidemiology EpiCentre
Juan C. Garcia-R Junior Research Officer mEpiLab
Neville Haack Technician  mEpiLab
David Hayman Co-Director mEpiLab
Cord Heuer Professor  EpiCentre
Geoff Jones Associate Professor  Statistics and Bioinformatics
Matthew Knox Research Technician mEpiLab
Wendy Maharey Secretary / receptionist  mEpiLab
Jonathan Marshall Lecturer  Statistics and Bioinformatics
Dave McLean Senior Research Officer  Centre for Public Health Research
Anne Midwinter Research Officer mEpiLab
Petra Muellner Adjunct Lecturer mEpiLab
Sha Nisa
Research Technician mEpiLab
Antony Pita Laboratory Technician mEpiLab
Wendi Roe Senior lecturer  mEpiLab
Lyn Rogers Laboratory Technician mEpiLab
Emilie Vallee
Lecturer Epidemiology EpiCentre
Niluka Velathanthiri Research Technician mEpiLab
Simon Verschaffelt Computer Technician mEpiLab
Peter Wilson Professor IVABS