Associate Professor Tania Ayllon visits mEpiLab

Tania is a veterinarian dedicated to the study of emerging infectious diseases of veterinary and human health importance. Her doctoral thesis on vector-borne pathogens in small animals is an example of her interest, which she has maintained throughout her scientific career in six countries, including five years as a postdoc in Germany and Brazil. More recently, she has extended her research line to the study of antimicrobial-resistant microorganisms in veterinary medicine. She is currently assistant professor at Alfonso X El Sabio University -UAX- (Spain) and collaborating researcher at Fiocruz (Brazil). During her visit at Massey University, as part of the UAX mobility program (VII call for scientific mobility Santander-UAX), Tania has learned about genetic analysis of various pathogens using different computer programs, statistical analysis using ‘R’ and molecular protocols for the detection of several pathogens.

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