IDReC researchers co-author chapters in new book

by IDReC

A number of IDReC researchers have contributed to two chapters in a new book entitled “Campylobacter Ecology and Evolution”. In Chapter 2, Paul Fearnhead with co-authors Professor Nigel French and Dr Patrick Biggs discuss the role of recombination in the evolution of Campylobacter and the availability of full-genome data to provide new insights into the recombination process.   

Chapter 17, Evolution of Campylobacter Species in New Zealand, investigates the different periods in the history of New Zealand that have left a mark on the evolution of Campylobacter spp, examining recently discovered populations of new Campylobacter spp. in endemic wild birds and environmental water. 

The co-authors of Chapter 17 include: Nigel French, Shoukai Yu, Patrick Biggs, Barbara Holland, Paul Fearnhead, Barbara Binney, Andrew Fox, Dai Grove-White, Jessica W. Leigh, William Miller, Petra Muellner and Philip Carter. 

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