IDReC researchers attend International Leptospirosis Conference

by Leptospirosis Research Group

Seven representatives from the mEpiLab/EpiCentre Leptospirosis Research Group attended the recent International Leptospirosis Conference (ILS) in Japan, making the Massey group one of the largest contingents at the meeting. The conference celebrated the centennial of the discovery of leptospira as the causative agent in the Weil’s disease and the plenary paper covered this history.

The team presented six oral and one poster presentation, showcasing the breadth and the integrated approach of the research programme undertaken as well as the interdisciplinary nature of the work. Presentations included “The public health impact of leptospirosis in New Zealand”, “Utility of diagnostic tests for research and diagnosis of leptospirosis” and “Fit for purpose: testing for leptospirosis in humans and animals”.

Cord Heuer was also successful in being elected onto the ILS committee for the next two year term, which is a wonderful opportunity to raise the group’s presence on the international leptospirosis scene.

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