STEC Workshop - presentations available on-line

by Dr Nigel French

STEC Workshop
15 December 2015
Wharerata Conference Centre,
Massey University, Palmerston North.

Ministry for Primary Industries.

  • STEC and regulation - the issues and future directions (Roger Cook).


Meat Industry Association.

  • STEC from an industry perspective (Kevin Cresswell).
 pdf STEC_Workshop_KevinCresswell.pdf (4.16MB)


STEC clinical research.

  • HUS in New Zealand children: epidemiology, clinical aspects and outcome (William Wong)
 pdf STEC_Workshop_WilliamWong.pdf (2.29MB)


Massey University STEC research.

  • Epidemiology and evolutionary studies on STEC O157 and O26 in cattle and humans in New Zealand (Patricia Jaros)
pdf STEC_Workshop_PatriciaJaros.pdf (3.14MB)
  • The application of new molecular and genomic technologies to understand the epidemiology of STEC7 in dairy cattle in New Zealand (Springer Browne).
pdf STEC_Workshop_SpringerBrowne.pdf (11.06MB)
  • Comparative genomics of E. coli O26 (Patrick Biggs).
pdf STEC_Workshop_PatrickBiggs.pdf (4.72MB)
  • Supershedders - how ‘super' are they? (Nigel French).
 pdf STEC workshop_NigelFrench.pdf (1.06MB)


AgResearch STEC research.

  • Understanding the cycling of STEC7 on dairy farms (Delphine Rapp).
 pdf STEC_workshop_DelphineRapp.pdf (16.30MB)
  • On-farm/pre-harvest control strategies for the reduction of STEC (Adrian Cookson).
pdf STEC workshop_AdrianCookson.pdf (7.89MB)
  • Antimicrobial interventions against STEC used on New Zealand meat plants (John Mills)


ESR STEC research.

  • Increase in human non-O157 STEC (Muriel Dufour)
  • Trials and tribulations of STEC detection (Angela Cornelius)
  • Bio-control of STEC (Craig Billington) From PFGE to WGS (Brent Gilpin)
  pdf STEC_workshop_ESR.pdf (3.47MB)



  • STEC whole genome sequencing in the post PulseNet landscape.
  • New technologies for STEC detection.
  • Emerging trends with human STEC infection in NZ.
  • Phylogenetic analysis of NZ STEC.
  • On-farm STEC transmission dynamics - is there a ‘source'?
  • Best-practice farm management to reduce bovine STEC carriage.
  • Post-farm gate/on-plant STEC interventions.
  • Environmental transfer of stx-encoding bacteriophage.












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